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Lunatik Athletiks Performance Compression Socks

Performance Compression Socks

Research based evidence supports wearing graduated compression socks for ultra marathon, triathlon and elite athletes. ACHI Performance Socks consistently increase the stabilization of lower leg muscles and oxygen delivery. Targeted compression zones decrease the risk of achilles injuries, shin splints, blood clots and muscle fatigue. Keep your feet dry and blister –free with anti-chafing covered inlay yarns for maximum breathability. Perform faster for longer with less muscle injuries when you wear ACHI Performance Compression Socks.

Lunatik Athletiks is committed to creating synergies of fabulous design with medical efficacy so you can express your unique personality! With both the technical efficacy of a “modern” day graduated compression sock, a fashionable bespoke design you can wear everywhere everyday.

Achi socks are created from the philosophy of understanding what motivates you and staying authentic. From extreme endurance athletic endeavors or a walk to work we strive to share our passion for expression with a premium fit and function. Thoughtfully designed in Canada and worn all over the globe!

Available at Huronia Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Clinic. For more details contact us today 705-526-0174.