Ankle Sprain

What is an ankle sprain?

On either side of the ankle joint there are strong, fibrous ligaments that provide support and prevent the ankle from twisting or “rolling”. When there is a force too great for these ligaments to resist, they can be sprained or ruptured. In very severe ankle sprains, it may also be important to check for fractures. Ankle sprains usually occur due to an “inversion” force (when the sole of the foot rolls inward) but can also be caused by an “eversion” force (when the sole of the foot rolls outward). Finally, ankle sprains may also occur above the true ankle joint, at the ligament that connects the tibia and fibula. However, high ankle sprains are not nearly as common.

Common Symptoms

  • Caused by a specific injury
  • Swelling, inflammation
  • Bruising
  • Pain when pressure is applied
  • Pain with movements and weight bearing

Treatment Strategies

Book a physiotherapy, chiropractic, or massage therapy appointment today to treat your ankle sprain. Whether your pain is chronic or acute, mild or severe, we will ensure that your rehabilitation program best prepares you for returning to your favourite activities. Our skilled clinicians will assist you in regaining range of motion, improving strength, and preventing recurrence of the issue.

Some of the treatment techniques that may be beneficial include: