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For Every Body That Moves!

At Huronia Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Clinic, our team of healthcare professionals use therapeutic techniques and hands-on treatments specific to each patient’s condition or injury. Additionally, we make sure to provide patients with the tools they need to lead an active role in their own recovery.  Specialized exercise programs, patient education, and a thorough treatment plan are all components of the experience at Huronia Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Clinic.

Whether you choose physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, or another other service, our experts are devoted to helping you achieve your goals.


Chiropractors are experts in manual and manipulative therapy.  A chiropractor will provide a diagnosis, treatment, and preventative care for injuries of the spine and extremities.


Physiotherapists are the experts in human movement.  Hands on techniques, exercise prescription, and patient education will maximize musculoskeletal and neurological function and allow you to fully participate in life.


Massage Therapy uses a hands-on approach to achieve therapeutic goals.  Book a massage with one of our clinicians to decrease pain, increase physical function, or to ease the stresses of daily life.

Our Specialists