Low Back Pain

Most people, at some point in their life, will unfortunately experience low back pain. It can be frustrating, debilitating, persistent, and can hinder our ability fully participate in life. Low back pain may be caused by a specific injury, or it may simply develop over time.

Assessing Low Back Pain

The underlying mechanisms of low back pain can vary greatly and there are a number of classification systems to define the various types. When trying to determine the root cause of low back pain, there is a common misconception that imaging techniques such as x-rays and MRIs are the best solution. Did you know that physiotherapists and chiropractors have the ability to accurately assess and treat back pain without the need for diagnostic imaging?

Recovering From Low Back Pain

While factors such as body mechanics, posture, repetitive activities, genetics, and prior injuries all contribute to back pain, it is important to consider treating back pain using a holistic approach. Back pain is often the result of biological, psychological, and social factors that interact to produce the pain we experience. Did you know that personal beliefs and attitudes are important components of recovery, in addition to medical therapeutic resources? The clinicians at Huronia will therefore use a multi-faceted treatment approach to address these many components of pain. A specific combination of education, home exercise prescription, and manual therapy techniques are the best way to achieve positive outcomes.